Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Right now I'm listening to my 20 month old babble to his mobile (yes, he still has one in his crib!) while I contemplate exactly what to type today.  The last 2 days have hosted our routine visits with our docs.  It's refreshing to share that we have had great visits.  During my ultrasound, I said this to Dr. Weiss and he paused as if confused that I was so upbeat and then agreed.  Yes, our daughter has one of the most severe heart defects to date, however outside of this, everything else is great.  God is good.  

We kicked off our visits with Dr. Laird, the pedi cardi.  She said that the right side of the baby's heart is developing as it should, as well as the aortic and mitric valves (which control bloodflow) - all HUGE praises.  Remember, if any of those take a turn for the worse, our baby will have a very grim prognosis.  Too, there is no sign of leaky valves or fluid build-up in the heart which is another HUGE praise.  Her lungs look great and thanks to Dr. Weiss' ultrasound report yesterday, so do the rest of her organs.  She is measuring right on target for 26 weeks and is still proving to be very active.  You should probably start referring to me as Dr. McKittrick because I could have told you that. 

I also managed to successfully endure the glucose test.  Although I don't have gestational diabetes, my biggest stress was that I couldn't eat or drink before the test.  Hello.  Have you met me before, Dr. Oliver?  I don't miss meals, even when I'm not preggers.  Add in feeding my toddler breakfast and administering snacks all morning, and it makes for an almost very cranky mommy.  Thankfully, I was able to have my tall half caff soy latte and Kashi bar by 10.  I've lived to tell about it...again.

Specific prayer requests are...
-that her organs continue to develop as they should, especially the right ventricle of her heart and of course, her lungs.
-that her mitric and aortic valves continue to develop and don't start to leak or for fluid to build-up anywhere in the heart.
-that she may continue to be happy in my belly until 39 weeks!  no early arrival please!

Another specific prayer is to the memory of Blessed Pope John Paul II.  After his death, it was declared by the Vatican that a French nun's neurological disorder had been miraculously cured after she prayed to the memory of John Paul.  Vatican policy requires that a miracle, usually an unexplained healing, be officially attributed to the intervention of a deceased person before he can be beatified (recognition of the deceased person's entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his name.)   A second miracle is required for the final step to sainthood, which is canonization.  So if you feel so moved, please pray that Pope John Paul II intercedes and heals my precious baby.  Pray that her heart is restored to health.  During the echo, I asked Dr. Laird, "has there been a miracle yet?"  Although not this time, it may be the next.  Please pray.