Saturday, September 29, 2012


My best friend texted me this picture not long ago.  Yet again I was somewhat startled when I saw it because frankly speaking, I'd not heard of another Charlotte Rose.  Coincidence?  Probably so, yes, but I like to think that is another heaven sent moment from Him to me.  Word.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Until earlier this summer, Patrick and I hadn't been back to Medical City since Charlotte had passed away.  Well, once in the week after her departure to deliver cookies to the staff (a gift intended to be given on "check out" day) but we sat in the car as my mother made the delivery for us.  I wanted to go but opted otherwise to avoid the elephant in the room type of situation.  The elephant in this scenario would be nothing short of beautiful and flawless, as is my Charlotte, but not wanting to stand awkwardly in the CHSU, I stayed in the car.  So when Charlotte's NICU roomie was having his second heart surgery not long ago, it was decided to drop off lunch for his family.  I was at a meeting so my sweet husband and son were tasked with the job.  Honestly, I didn't expect to run up there, as nap time usually dictates my daily schedule.  There was simply not enough time between the lunch hour and P's nap, however sometimes life has a different way of working out.  

My boys were just finishing up their own lunch in the lobby of the children's tower, so I headed over to pick up Patrick Jr. and race home.  I'd been there no longer than 3 seconds, and with just enough time to be informed by my 2 year old that I couldn't share his mac n cheese, when I looked up and saw Charlotte's nurses.  It just so happened to be two of my FAVS.  I'm quite certain that I became the world's greatest long jumper that day as it took me all of one leap to reach them.  And from then on, the floodgates opened as the team of doctors and nurses who so lovingly took care of Charlotte emerged from a classroom.  Dr. Mendeloff's right hand woman, Dr. Stromberg and our other "favorites" - all so many familiar faces which happened to be in the lobby.  They were just leaving a training class and although I missed seeing Dr. M and a few others, we hit the motherload that day.  

To be at Med City made my heart happy.  I'd always wanted to go back but short of showing up to work a shift in the CHSU (ha!), I really didn't have a reason to go.  Had I known how therapeutic it would be, I would have shown up much sooner.  We were happy, happy and happier.  Everyone there was just smiling as we caught up and remembered Charlotte.  I'm not sure that I had realized before then just how much I missed everyone.  What a gift from Him as we happened upon our very own little reunion. 

I'm excited to share that thanks to recent research and our very own Charlotte, the CHSU is implementing yet another check in the checks and balances system already established.  The EEG is a test which marks brain activity and will do so in a child who has HLHS both before and after surgeries, attempting to intercede a potential seizure like the one Charlotte had which led to cardiac arrest.  The medical study linked children with HLHS and seizures which, until now, had not been so.  To know that babies like Charlotte will benefit thanks in part to her life, makes me burst with happiness...thankfulness...pride.  Charlotte's sweet life wasn't spared, but her legacy will live on.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This past weekend a butterfly landed on my shirt - a first - and then a short time later, off it went into the distance.  I stood there awhile watching it float away, all the while wondering where she was going.  I felt like saying, "come back!  you just got here," but yet she had other plans.  So I thanked Him for the little piece of hope that had landed on my shirt - and heart - for just a moment.

Later, I happened across what I would only imagine having ordered for an event for Charlotte, whether it be a baptism, birthday, or homecoming!  To be honest, it took me by surprise.  I stared, stunned almost, looking at the little girl's sweet silhouette...her pony tail...her name and I couldn't help but smile.  And wonder, of course.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Earlier this summer when our revised marker finally arrived, I was on point ready to "approve" and, later, taking in what seemed to be a heart shaped outline around it.  Look closely, it's there.  My girl is there.  

And just today, Little P and I paid a visit to Sparkman Hillcrest.  He had asked to "see Charlitte," so I obliged...with bubbles.  The wind whipped around carrying our bubbles far away and when we were done, the wind was too.  Funny how that happened.  P handpicked acorns from all over Lullaby Land to place on Char's marker to "make pretty."  Bless him.