Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It happened again, but this time I was at the park leaving a group play date.  I happened to walk out behind a friend of a friend whose question didn't necessarily catch me off guard but it left me at a loss for words.  

Not having had face time on the playground with this new friend, I didn't have the opportunity to share that I had another baby, not just Patrick.  So when she asked while we were loading kiddos in cars, I realized that not every time is the right time.  

I am best when I have a few minutes to explain CHARLOTTE.  She's not just my daughter who is in heaven.  She's so much more and in an effort to serve her, I sometimes discriminate against situations.  Had we backed up just a few minutes prior and found ourselves in the same position, I would have LOVED to share.  Rather we were hurried, trying to beat the clock before kids melted down.  Dirty diapers, tollway traffic and a hunger meltdown doesn't necessarily equal a "good time" for me to introduce my darling Charlotte into my new friend's world.  Just as soon as I would have said that Char has since passed away, I would have had to say "later."  I guess to some that's okay, but to me I feel like I'm doing her a disservice.  To me, there is so much more to her life than a quick few sentences before speeding off in my car leaving a trail of dust...and no explanation of Charlotte's incredible life. 

Other parents who have lost children may disagree but to me - right now - I understand Charlotte's life as too precious to not get to explain her, if even for 3 minutes.  So when I found myself in this situation, I chose otherwise.  But even one time, is one time too many not being able to share with the world the wonderful who is my daughter Charlotte.

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