Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We met with our pediatric cardi and got to see our sweet baby girl's heart. She is looking great! The right side and all of its important parts look healthy. PRAISE. And as expected, the left side structures look the same. There is still some blood flow which is a good thing. We pray specifically that the blood flow is able to continue through the left ventricle and that it will GROW. According to medicine, it is unlikely, but God has healed the blind, so the impossible can certainly happen.

As usual, our little bit was a busy body, so it was hard to capture the images of her heart at times. We watched her pull both knees up to her chest only to then kick with all of her might. It was great to watch it on the screen as well as to feel it. And later, we got to see her PERFECTLY PRECIOUS baby feet. Warm my heart.

Things seem to be picking up now but our appointments are still about 3-4 weeks apart. Not much changes during pregnancy so we will take this 'lull' in developments. Specifically, we can pray for the following things:

-for the left ventricle of her heart to grow.
-for the right side of her heart to continue to be healthy so it can support the left side. it will become the real hero of her body post birth.
-for the rest of her organs to continue to be healthy, because compounding her condition with additional problems would be life-threatening.
-for her lungs to continue to develop until 39 weeks when she is delivered.

As always, thank you for praying for our baby...and our family. We pray for peace beyond understanding and know that through the power of prayer, miracles do happen.

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