Thursday, April 19, 2012


Every hour of Charlotte's life lead to the words I wrote and read as we honored her on Monday at her mass.  Here is my tribute to MY GIRL.

Charlotte's spirit embodied one of hope, and one of strength.  I can count fewer people in my whole life who have left an impact which is as great as the one our Sweet Charlotte has.  She was perfect...pure...true and it is with a heavy heart that I stand before you today in remembrance.  

As a dear friend reminded me, "let us rest in knowing that He is without error"...despite the hurt that is left in my heart.  However, I am granted comfort in knowing we will meet again one day in heaven.

With each surgery she endured, I would always part with Charlotte by reminding her of The One who loves her more than her mommy and daddy, even though mommy comes in at a VERY close second!  And I was comforted knowing that despite not being with her during those surgeries, she was being held...and was safe.  

Although a different life lived, she held court from her room.  Think of all the lives she touched without ever having spoken a single word.  My peace is that she was able to feel the warm sun against her skin and feel the breeze in her hair as she and I tasted the goodness of being outside one afternoon.  It surely could have lasted longer, but the experience was humbling as I realized the true magnitude of the small things in life.  And, as you will soon see when we lay her in her final resting spot, she will smile brightly underneath where the two oak trees kiss.  She will feel the sun, bear the rain and soak in all that is God's creation.  I can't think of anything better than knowing that my Sweet Charlotte's spirit will shine brighter than it ever has before.

She touched the lives of many, and many who didn't even know her.  My life is better.  Yours is better. I am humbled by her strength and honored to have mothered her.  It is my true gift to have been graced by her presence.  Little did I know what a great impact her life would bring to the world and to look out and see those of you who love her the way Patrick and I do, warms my own heart to a bursting point.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the prayerful support of our family and friends and even those who we don't know personally.  It is not without suffering which we walk this journey, but through it, we see the goodness that is God through all of you.  Your prayers have carried not only SWEET CHARLOTTE...but my family's and for that we are forever grateful...for she is my light...she is my love...and she will always be, my girl.


  1. surprise! i'm posting a comment:) seriously though Sarah, Brave is an UNDERSTATEMENT. those words were so beautifully spoken monday, and they are so true. i know you must find comfort in knowing how many lives your SWEET CHARLOTTE touched, even changed. i'll admit...i still find myself checking your blog, several times a day. i'm not sure what i expect to find. i guess seeing a post would be reassuring to me that with time, prayer, faith, love and support, you and your family will be okay. my prayer is that you all feel HIS arms wrapped around you, and that with each passing day, your beautiful smile lingers a little longer. love you!

  2. Sarah, thanks for posting that so we may hear your precious words again. They remain so touching but are also a reminder of what God can do with even the tiniest of us. Charlotte's story has reached so many and I am so thankful to you and Patrick for sharing her with us.

  3. Beautiful words for your beautiful daughter! She has touched my life like SO many others. Thank you for sharing this with us! I continue to pray for Charlotte & your sweet family. May you feel God's grace & comfort in this difficult time. xoxo

  4. Thank you for posting this Sarah! What a reminder of sweet Charlotte and her spirit and the love we all have for her! I think of you often and miss our talks and miss seeing sweet Charlotte and of course you and Patrick! Just thinking of you this week and praying you are feeling God's comfort.. As you would always tell me as I was leaving her room, Love ya mean it!! Hugs!!

  5. Beautiful words, Sarah. I'll continue to pray for your sweet family. Much love to you.