Monday, May 7, 2012


My little sugar had a STOCK PILE of milk saved in her deep freeze.  Remember that famous Valentine's Day present that Daddy bought her?  Well, it's full and we are donating it to a local milk bank.  It makes me happy - and sad - all in one breath.  Happy that preemies in need will have the cream of the crop but sad that my Sweet Charlotte won't be the recipient.  Sad because it's such a labor of love from me to her and soon, it's going away.  

Each day, I would pump every 3 - 4 hours.  A painstaking effort to arm her with the good stuff.  Some days it was harder because I wanted to be sitting right next to her, or holding her in my arms but instead had to retreat behind the curtain in her room to "excuse myself."  I always tried to time it when she was content or sleeping.  Sleeping was best, because I could relax in the hope that she would remain so. Although the last few weeks while she was in Room 9, she fussed if she didn't have my undivided attention.  So my girl! :)  The unit was familiar with Mommy's voice drifting through the air from behind the curtain as I soothed my Sweet Charlotte.  Much like a person without sight, Charlotte was in tune with my voice since we weren't able to have held each other for so long.  Actually, it was my prayer all along that I would be able to minister to her in ways that only He could provide.  And I was able to do so - which I constantly reminded myself - because it's the best gift that I could have received.  I could comfort her.

I kept an app on my phone to "chart" each pumping.  It charts ounces pumped over each day, week and month.  (I told you that I'm an honorary nurse!  So proud are they of my efforts.)  Out of curiosity, I figured out how much milk Sweet Charlotte had.  I just dropped off an impressive amount - 705.5 ounces - from the last couple weeks of February.  I have the month of March and early April to take next.  I'm hopeful that the good work done with the milk will honor Charlotte.

And I suppose that my "milk freeze" - aka deep freeze - will now turn into a meat freeze, given the meat and potatoes family that we are.  But maybe I'll keep one bag in there to keep the meat company.


  1. Sarah, I do remember the valentine gift you received, and how thoughtful of you to donate
    the milk to someone else. May you receive many blessings for that kind gesture. By the way my
    favorite picture of Charlotte is the 2nd one you
    posted today (the one where she is looking at you) May God bless your family.

  2. What an incredible labor of love! I know it had to have been so bittersweet to hand it over to the milk bank but you are giving such a gift. Such beautiful pictures of your sweet angel. Thinking of you always.