Thursday, May 17, 2012


I started to sort through some of Charlotte's clothes.  The week before she passed away, I got a wild hair and bought her some "essentials."  And if by essentials you mean tunics and dresses, then yes.   I bought essentials.  We were so close to being HOME that I felt confident knowing what size and type of clothing I should buy her.  I could buy bubbles and dresses to accommodate her her size.  And recently, I had the chore of returning a stack this week.  Another humbling moment as I trekked to the store with the lot of clothes that could no longer be worn by our sweet Char Char.

Without so much to report on each day, I don't really have too much to blog about lately which is why I'm opening up the next post to a question and answer session, if you will.  

Either send me an email to or leave a comment on this post and I will answer them in my next.  I absolutely adore talking about her, so it's only fitting to host a Q and A.  And please know that no question is off limits.   Her journey was and continues to be nothing short of miraculous, and we're happy to share!

These pictures of our Sweet Charlotte are more recent.  She was still in Room 2, her second of the three, and was in the 'waiting and growing' period before being eligible for her Gtube surgery.  We could bathe her...clothe her...hold her anytime we wanted.  Life was sweet.


  1. Sarah, I have loved reading every single update on sweet Charlotte. I have a question! Who does she tend to look like as a newborn? Does she look like her big bro at all? Or maybe you or your husband? I always love trying to figure it out! She made a great impact on this big world, in her little time here on Earth. I know you must miss her so much, but must feel so proud.

  2. Part of me feels like a have a million questions, but then when i start to ask them, i feel like i already know the answer. The reason is because you have been so faithful and open in your blog. Not every parent in your position would be so open and honest, but because you chose to be, we were able to get to know your Charlotte, love your Charlotte, and most importantly pray for her specific needs. But...i guess i do have a couple of curious thoughts, if you will. what was your day like, what was your routine while spending all of your time caring for your baby girl? what is your favorite memory? is it still when little p finally got to meet his sister? is there a specific moment with her that always brings a smile to your face?

  3. Im not sure if you still check the blog or the email you provided at all. I do have some questions though as our sweet little girl has been diagnosed in utero with both turners and hlhs. Our cardiologist is recommending comfort care for her based on some statistics she got from a hospital a couple thousand miles away. We have our next appointment with her this week and I will be checking our hospital and their statistics but she had only given me the other hospitals which is bigger then ours and sees more cases like this. That hospital had only done 11 surgeries on babies with both turners and hlhs over a 9 year period. And 40% of those babies died before coming home, 90% before turning 1 and they all died before turning 2. We just want to get as informed as possible to make the best decision for our little girl.