Thursday, May 10, 2012


To most, a Wednesday is like any other week day.  You get up and go about your normal routine whether it's tending to your flock or working away from home.  Yesterday morning - like so many others - Little P and I headed outside on a walk which stopped short, just 3 houses down.  It's a new build and P LOVES the cranes, mixers and dirt.  We must have stood there for 15 minutes when I made a phone call to Sparkman Hillcrest.  

Charlotte's death certificate had arrived and I made arrangements to pick it up.  To many, it would be a sad phone call or visit, but to me, it gave me peace - albeit with sadness - peace nonetheless.  Anything that has to do with Charlotte makes me happy.  I absolutely love talking about her, even if it's discussing the final verbiage option for her marker or picking up her certificate.  It makes me feel closer to her because I am still able to "do" for her.  I wonder though how I'll feel when all is said and done.  When life is still.  I suppose I'll just have to continue doing 'for her' forever because I know that not a day will pass that I don't think about her at least 999,999 times.

I am wading through our thank you list.  YOU have not been ignored, rather quite the opposite!  We continue to be deeply touched by the true outpouring of love and support from each of you.  Your donations to the Chloe Duyck Fund continue to show your dedication to Charlotte...and to us.  God gifts us with many things in life but the gift of your friendship is one of our most prized.  To say that we are thankful doesn't seem adequate but neither does saying that we 'love' Charlotte.  Because to us, Charlotte is our whole heart just as our appreciation for you abounds.  My heart is happy.  Thank you for loving Charlotte - it's the best. gift. ever.

Under HIS wings you will find refuge. 

Psalm 91:4

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  1. Just think how many times Charlotte is thought of EVERY DAY... pretty unbelievable.

    Ahhh construction - start polishing up on the different types of trucks!