Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When Patrick Jr. was born, Dr. Oliver exlaimed, "look at the size of his hands and feet!"  Looking back, I know that Charlotte was definitely ours because although she was tiny in the weight department, her hands and feet weren't.  I've mentioned it before, but her fingers and toes were long, just like her little feetsies.  After she passed away, molds were taken of her hand and foot for us to keep, but as I look at them now, they  And those fingers and toes, not so long.  But that's to be put in perspective as she wasn't even 6 lbs and had had 2 major heart surgeries amongst countless others.  Quite an incredible spirit.  I'm glad that we have these molds because I can run my fingers over them and know that is her.  She left her mark for us, in more ways than one.  Remember that saying "lead by example?"  Well, I think she did.  I'm trying to follow in her mighty footsteps, one baby step at a time.  


  1. What an awesome memory you have of her! I saw several butterflies today & thought of her :) xo

  2. Precious hand...precious foot...precious post.