Thursday, January 31, 2013


My little Patrick always comes to my rescue, even when I don't know I need rescuing.  Yesterday as we were driving home, he was looking at photos on my phone when I heard, "there's my sister Charlotte."  Just hearing him say those words made my heart happy as I understood he recognizes her as his sister.  And shortly thereafter I heard, "where's my other sister?"  I had to laugh as I explained she's still in mommy's belly which seemed to satisfy him for the moment.  When he came across a picture of Mommy and Charlotte, he matter of factly said, "you at hospital, I home."  Yes, my child...I was at the hospital all those days while you were looked after at home, despite how desperately I pleaded otherwise. And as profound to me as it is, I realize that his now almost 3 year old mind is able to express itself as he carries Charlotte's memory in his heart so proudly.  To this mama, it's just what the doctor ordered. 

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