Monday, January 21, 2013


Thanks to our newest McKittrick baby, this mommy hasn't been feeling up to snuff until lately.  The good news is that morning sickness seems to be a thing of the past and with the holidays behind us, we're falling into our normal routine again.  

Over the last few months, we've been busily sewing, sewing, sewing...and my little fingers have loved every minute of it.  I'm proud to introduce Charlotte's Teddy Bears, a program at Medical City CHSU.  Thanks to the special efforts of a darling friend of mine, the program which was already in place at the unit, has been renamed Charlotte's Teddy Bears and is officially ours!  My heart is bursting with pride as we are able to honor our SWEET CHARLOTTE with something so lovely.  Each teddy proudly wears a sewn on heart bearing 'stitches' like the patients own "zippers." Remember Charlotte's?  I absolutely love that we are able to touch the lives of each and every heart baby of the unit and their families during such challenging times in their lives.  I'd like to think that Miss Charlotte would have approved.

Thanks to the generous support of friends like you who donate teddy bears, we are able to provide one to each child admitted to the CHSU.  I love hosting teddy bear drives locally.  If you're interested in partnering with me to host one at your church, school, bank or organization, please contact me at  

To many of the children like our Char Char, the teddy bear's are a symbol of hope for a better future.  And just as it's a symbol of hope for those walking the journey, it's very much so for us as we continue to walk our very own while carrying SWEET CHARLOTTE in our hearts.

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  1. sarah...this is awesome! what a great tribute to your sweet Charlotte. If we would like to donate a bear, do we send it to you or the hospital?