Sunday, March 11, 2012


Our littlest member is quite the performer!  She did great yesterday as she was extubated and successfully weaned from the nasal cannula which provides air flow.  She loves breathing "room air" and even flashed a grin or two at Mommy, not to mention pointing her little toes like a ballerina.  She must take after me.    

She's heading in the right direction now.  Our hope is that although bumpy, Friday was a turning point in Charlotte's recovery.  That she may now focus on learning to master the ever-important suck-swallow-breathe combination which she needs to eat.  With her small size, the shunt in her brain is quite noticeable and intrusive looking but will quickly fade away as she gains some weight.  She is a titch over 5 lbs now.  Perhaps if Mommy can consult with a hair stylist, we can come up with a game plan for a better hair cut!  Her surgery has left her beautiful hairs 're-styled' and Mommy just knows that a BOY did it - ahem.  And soon...PICTURES of our beautiful baby girl will be plastered all over thanks to NO open chest, NO breathing machine and NO random "hair cut."  I had visions of a first haircut with Miss Ginger, just as we had with Little P, but instead was reminded of our new normal when Char's locks of hair came back in a "hazardous waste" plastic baggie from the OR.  But I'll take a piece of normal any way you can cut it...


  1. Such good news! I think of you so many times daily. I am around if I can ever help you in any way.

  2. Praise the Lord for that awesome update! We were concerned when nothng new came forth yesterday, so we now see that you were just holding back the progress report. We're now praying for success with S-S-B, in addition to continued healing, growth and lack of complications!
    Praise God for His mercy and grace,
    David & Candy