Friday, March 30, 2012


Her cultures are negative today - brain shunt included!  And we got the official word that after 10 days of antibiotic/after her last positive culture, Charlotte will be eligible for her Gtube surgery.  This is GREAT news because it means that although she needs a 14 day course of antibiotic, she can 'overlap' the last 4 days with the gtube surgery recovery, vs having to wait a full 14 days and then have surgery and recover.  Music to this Mommy's ears.

Her right leg is swollen and the short explanation is that her old broviac line caused it.  We pray that the bloodflow redirects itself accordingly and the swelling decreases.  She is otherwise resting comfortably - well, as comfortably as one can rest with lines, sensors and cuffs slapped all over you!  I am truly amazed at having witnessed quite the turnaround in Charlotte's health.  His Hands are all over it.

May God bless each and every one whose lips have spoken a prayer for our Sweet Charlotte.  We are forever grateful.


  1. Such great news to hear. Charlotte is one strong and brave little Miss. Our prayers continue for you all.

  2. Seeing the work God has done in Charlotte is as good as if He were sitting next to me on my couch explaining just what he is capable of. AMAZING! Praise Him!