Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's ironic really.  You see I just prayed for swiftness in the resolution of the swelling in Charlotte's brain and when I walked in this morning, I found out that Dr. Swift would be the neurosurgeon who would perform the SURGERY.  After a long day of waiting, we know that the ventricles in her brain have enlarged enough to require an MRI and surgery following to correct.  And whereas before she showed no signs, it's as if overnight God made it known.

Usually I cup my hand around her head when I talk to her - it's more of a comfort for me to "hold" her as much as I can while she lies in her isolette.  When I did that this morning, I felt it.  Since a baby's skull isn't fused together, there's room to move when the baby grows.  Due to the swelling in her brain, her head circumference has increased a cm but isn't causing brain damage thanks to the bones in her head not being fused yet.  All of this is amazing really because I prayed for swiftness just last night and swiftness is what we've received today.  Thank you, Jesus.

When I think BIG PICTURE, I understand that in Charlotte's case, she will most likely have her second heart operation around 4-5 months old given the small size of shunt used in her heart (3 mm).  Since it is so tiny, she will outgrow it sooner than if it were larger.  Ultimately, we want her home quickly so that she has as much time as possible to GROW before her second surgery, called the Glenn.  Without having to wait and watch if the swelling lessens in Char's brain, we are afforded the luxury of focusing on learning to eat and getting HOME soon.  And although not the resolution which we had been praying for all this time, it is GOD'S RESOLUTION for Charlotte.  


  1. There's no place like home...come on little muffin, you can do it!

  2. Our prayer is that Jesus will orchestrate perfect surgery, recovery and healing for your precious Charlotte!
    Trusting Him and praying for you all,
    David & Candy

  3. ironic yes, but in a way, very reassuring. it's almost as if dr "swift" is God's way of reminding you that he hears your every prayer. even though the resolution is not what we wanted, we pray for His will to be done and it turns out, this is part of His ultimate plan. we will now pray for a perfect surgery and healing and of course, the road HOME!