Friday, March 16, 2012


Already an overachiever in life, Charlotte has gained a bit over 3 ounces in 2 days!  It's music to our ears.  She's still struggling with keeping her feedings down, though.  As you can see, Char is strategically placed in her crib.  This fine, white straight jacket affair helps keep her in the inclined position which allows gravity to aide in digestion.  And since she loves to be swaddled tight (or at least as tight as her external hardware allows) she is certainly a candidate for this crib sling.  It almost looks like she is standing.  And I can always tell when her little body has smushed up inside it because she's inevitably slid out of her hat! 

Her Oral Therapist explains that Charlotte's reflux is so severe that the esophagus, which is more like an hour glass in design, is puffed open to "full column" from the sheer pressure of the reflux muscles pushing any and all contents in her stomach to head north.  Fortunately, her temporary feeding nasal tube goes past the stomach and is the remedy for keeping the majority of the actual formula in.

Regarding her brain shunt, it's continuing to look great.  Her 'brain doctors' tell us it's "beautiful."  That's certainly a word I understand!  And her head circumference continues to decrease in size, which is EXACTLY what we want it to do, as it is being relieved of the pressure which had built up because of the enlarged ventricles.  

Although Charlotte's journey is far from over, I've caught myself smiling again and again today and saying out loud, "Thank you, God."  Our life isn't without struggle, but I am so thankful and praise our good God for His love, His grace and His comfort during our time of need.  For when I needed Him most, He saved me...yet once again.


  1. Yeah charlotte! Moving in the right direction-- keep that smile on your mommy's face:)