Friday, March 9, 2012


Charlotte is back from surgery and everything went well.  The surgeons are happy with how she did, and that's good enough for me.  She came back intubated, which was not surprising, so now we will wait to see how long before she can come off again.  Once she is able to wake up from the sedation they will consider extubating her. 

It is amazing to think of all that she has been through in the first 5 weeks of her life and now we can add brain surgery to the list.  She is one tough little cookie, and we are certainly thankful for that. 


  1. tough cookie is an understatement! let's pray that we can now focus on the road more bumps, just smooth sailing. love you guys.

  2. What an amazing, special child of God. We are so grateful for Charlotte's continued will to fight and make it through each challenge the Lord brings her way. Char Char, you are an inspiration to us all and a reminder that we are only given as much we can take. We pray or little hearts out that you keep healing and progressing positively! Xoxo