Friday, March 9, 2012


Our little muffin gave us a run for our money today...again!  I keep telling her Daddy to watch out, because 16 may be the ultimate test!  Either that or we will both be gray before 40.  As Patrick shared with you, Miss Char Char was a rat that had fortunately been sniffed out by the Great Dr. Kampine.  Along with Dr. Mendeloff, he is who I will be indebted to my whole life.  We'll call he and Dr. M, my HEROS.

Dr. K decided to intubate our Char Char in her ICU room versus the OR.  This foresight most likely saved our daughter's life.  The best way to describe it is when she was sedated, Sweet Charlotte 'tanked.'  Dr. Kampine said that in a matter of a second, her stats plummeted.  As in south in a hurry.  And since our good doctor can smell a rat from a mile away, he was in the right place to handle her antics appropriately because as he and the neuros tell me, it would have been a very different outcome had she been in OR while being sedated.  PRAISE JESUS YET ONCE AGAIN.  And of course our good Dr. Kampine for his incredible skill level - my word.  And given our 'readership' should be entertained as according to Patrick Sr., I think Char's antics have proven to be quite a show.  I hope we discontinue this series...STAT.  She needs to be on her best behavior from now on.

So once she was "stable," Dr. K found us in the waiting room.  He said that Miss Charlotte had misbehaved and so much so that based on what he had witnessed, the answer to our, the answer to our prayers was the brain shunt.  He advised us to bypass the MRI and head straight to surgery.  Dr. Swift then emerged announcing he was ready in the OR.  As a mother, I had a 'come to Jesus' moment as I stood in the waiting room with Charlotte's anesthesiologist and neuro as they spit out the urgency of my unstable baby's situation.  So we passed "Go" and headed straight to the OR.  And for the second time in Char's life, she behaved from the start.  Her body WELCOMED the shunt.  It was pleading for it much like her second heart surgery's shunt - the BT Shunt.  Dr. K remarked that in real time, her stats sky rocketed when the pressure in her brain was alleviated.  It truly is the ANSWER to our prayers.  So as I mentioned in the days before today, it is God's resolution and not a moment too soon.  PRAISE HIM.  

Sometimes I feel too "lucky" but then I realize that God's plan isn't about luck.  It's about living - no matter if here on earth or in heaven.  My Charlotte is a testament to that.  Through her, God has spoken.  He is CONSTANTLY showing us what HE is capable of, on HIS time.  Okay, God...I'm quietly listening.  


  1. Praise be to God! What a mighty God He is all the time! Thank You jesus for the blessing of life and for saving Charlotte through the hands of Your trained servants.
    As soon as I have a staus update on Charlotte Saturday, I will send out a special weekend devotional to the thousands with an update and prayer reqest for Charlotte.
    Giving God the glory,
    David and Candy

  2. What a blessing to have doctors who think quickly outside the box and support Charlotte in her love of life. God has His hand on your lives at this special time. With love and prayers, Aunt Meredith

  3. Wiping eyes from tears of joy, thanking god again! Judy

  4. We're not always sure what re Gods plan is, and some times it just feels unfair and doesn't make sense. When i heard about Charlotte having to have another surgery it just broke my heart. But once agin He has proved that He is in control and He knows best! Thank you Jesus!