Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The pace around here is easy, and refreshing.  Sometimes frustrating because just as Charlotte is doing typical baby things like 'eating,' growing and crying her hoarse cries, she is a baby in the hospital and it's hard not being at home.  Nonetheless, she is doing what she's supposed to and making big, baby steps in the right direction.  (Growing being the most important, but also wearing clothes for the first time 2 days ago, sitting in a bouncer seat and being held in her Mommy's arms as I WALKED with her around the unit.) But, we still have a little less than 2 weeks BEFORE her surgery.  Arg.  I shouldn't complain because we are truly BLESSED with Sweet Charlotte's progress and health.

And soon, she will be able to meet her brother... and her dog.  And we'll all be home together.  I hope soon for my sake because I can't do this for much longer.  I need to call the shots.  I need to have my family of four under one roof, together.  I need her...HOME.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful and Patrick is so handsome. All of us mops moms are still praying!!!

  2. Charlotte,
    We're as excited as you mom when thinking about getting home wiyh the family! We'll keep praying and it'll happen sooner than later! You're much too precious be left out of all the fun at home. Will you ask your mom to explain to all of your prayer partners the details of your upcoming surgery? This will help us with our prayers to the Almighty God who is taking miraculous care of you!
    We love you,
    David & Candy

  3. Hang in there Sarah!! You're doing a tremendous job at staying positive, and watching after your sweet family! I lovvvvvve seeing her pictures!!!

  4. I can't imagine your frustration, but stay strong. You are an amazing mommy with an absolutely beautiful family! We all continue to pray for you all. Love ya!

  5. you are amazing!! hang in there!! Charlotte is such a DOLL!! she'll be home before you know it :) xo

  6. Umm MOST beautiful family ever! Love, love these photos and those two angelic faces. PRECIOUS! We will pray for speediness in bring you all home together soon.