Saturday, January 14, 2012


My sweet Patrick is very excited about "the new baby."  He will proudly show off his own stomach by lifting up his shirt while parading around.  Watch out, because if he's in the mood, he'll scout out friends and family's bellies too!  

When I was admitted to the hospital, he would run to the door and call out, "baby.  babies.  baby?"  It was really the sweetest thing to hear.  So of course, Daddy or Mimi would walk him down to the nursery to see the babies.  Sometimes if one was crying, the nurse would 'comfort' Patrick through the nursery window as she said "it's okay.  the baby is okay."  During my one-time wheelchair "joyride," I chose the nursery route so as to witness my baby visit the other babies and it warmed my heart.  And, someday soon, we'll be taking him to meet his very own baby - his new sister.

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