Friday, January 20, 2012


Looks like I'm staying put for another few days...

Baby's sonogram showed that her amnio fluid dropped to 6.75 - from 10.55 - but it is still 'good enough' to be at home and not threatening.  The umbilical cord blood flow has fluctuated too but is still within the acceptable range.  And her non stress test showed us that she is still a happy girl.  We expect there to be fluctuation with the amnio level so it's not necessarily as discouraging as it may sound.  It's not great news, but it's certainly not the worst either.  Remind yourself that this is a different ball game we're playing, so for a healthy baby, it may mean something more drastic, but right now to my baby, it means holding out for a little while longer.  

My sincere hope is that it increases by our next visit, as has her growth.  Dr. Weiss will take her measurements next week so a specific prayer is that she has grown.  It's a bad sign if she is not growing or hasn't grown much.  That would be reason for 'something' to happen, a change to be made in our current plan.  Though the silver lining in today's numbers is that I'm home and we know if I'm home, it means that she is doing well enough to warrant it.  PRAISE HIM.

As I once said, it is by God's grace that we wait with peaceful hearts.  So even if this decrease turns into a trend, we know that it is God's plan and He will lead us through.  As I like to think, it's just HIS way of showing everyone the miracles which only HE can work.  And once she is healed, we will be in awe of her powerful recovery because it is truly by the Hand of God.

For nothing is impossible with GOD.

Luke 1:37

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  1. You're in our every thought and prayer. We'll say lots of extra prayers for baby M's growth. Thank you for keeping us updated with your beautiful, sweet blog. XOXO