Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Words can't describe how I feel right now!  I am currently sitting in my den with my dogs on either side of me as I type this post.  I've caught myself breathing in the familiar smells that are my house.  I can't help but smile.  

Still on strict bed rest, I am h-o-m-e home.  After this morning's sonogram, my doctors determined that the baby was jiving with bed rest enough to allow me to be at home.  Her amnio fluid level is now at an 8.2 but don't let the slight decrease scare you.  In medical terms, it's GOOD and CONSISTENT.  Also GOOD is the blood flow to baby via the umbilical cord.  Because of these two reasons, I am able to be here.  My assignment is still the same though: bed rest with bathroom privileges.  FINE BY ME.  

I still can't believe that I heard "How would you like to go home today?" come out of my doctor's mouth this morning.  At the very earliest, I thought it would perhaps be entertained after Friday's sono, although I wasn't holding out too much hope!  I have to tell you that as Dr. Oliver said, the power of prayer has a lot to do with the 'state of the union' of our sweet baby.  I couldn't agree more.  Because of all of you and for our countless conversations with God, my precious angel is holding steady...and enough for me to be home which is an added bonus.  

Driving home, I cried a little because to be truthful, I am a bit nervous.  Nervous because I hope that after having wished for this for 9 days, that I didn't just wish for a change, an environment that isn't good for my baby.  Obviously, that's just a mother's guilt type of thought process as we know my docs would not have sent me home otherwise, but I can't help but pray it's not the case.  

Dr. Oliver said that we really don't have a true "goal date" to get to, rather it's day by day until our sweet one declares that she is ready to be born.  Let's pray and have hope that she stays put for a few more weeks!  (I am 34 weeks.)  I will have twice weekly sonograms and regularly scheduled echo cardiograms.  I can't get too comfortable at home though, because if for some reason, Friday's (or any) sono shows that she is not doing at least as well as she is now, I will be readmitted to the hospital.  FINE BY ME.  I'd rather be readmitted on bed rest than have to deliver her early.

I wish that my heart could talk because it would say all the right words that I don't have now.  My baby is so blessed to have such an amazing group of people who love her so much.  Because of your prayers, your hope for us, your tears, she is carried.  We know that He is in the details and He makes everything beautiful in its time.  Thank you for never ceasing. 

But I have trusted in Your faithful love, my heart will rejoice in Your deliverance.

Psalm 13:5


  1. Keep resting my friend! You and baby can do it!

  2. Yay for being home!! I continue to pray for you & your sweet girl!! xo