Monday, January 9, 2012


Despite this gloomy day, my morning has been filled with bright spots.  Patrick and Little P arrived early, early with P sporting mismatched pajamas and toting a snack trap of Fruit Loops.  It was nice to feed P breakfast and help him get dressed before heading off to Mother's Day Out.  And although they left earlier than I would have liked, it warmed my heart as I heard the routine of P blowing kisses to the nurses who were lined up in the hallway to say goodbye.

Dr. Weiss and Dr. Oliver both stopped by and are pleased with Baby Girl.  Despite having heard a firm, "NO!" each time I asked if ever home bed rest would be considered if she progressed enough, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Obviously the most important reason we are here is our sweet baby but as long as she continues to shine on the non stress tests and stays consistent with each sonogram, then I MAY get to be released on bed rest at HOME.  PRAISE JESUS!!!  Just knowing that it's now a possibility makes all the difference in the world!  We pray for these things...the continued top of the line care for our little one whether in hospital or at home, progress and/or consistency regarding her amniotic fluid level and blood flow from the placenta to the baby, and for God to continue to bless us with His grace.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the true kindness of our family and friends.  It is not without suffering that we walk this journey, but through it, we see the goodness that is God through all of you.  Thank you for your cards, texts, care packages, visits and prayers.  They truly carry me.

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Luke 1:37

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