Friday, January 13, 2012


It looks like my days of leisure-wear are going to continue!  At this morning's sono, Baby Girl looked GOOD and since she has been released to home bed rest, it seems as though I am too!!  Her fluid has decreased slightly to 7.19 which is not concerning.  An arm or leg shift, could hide or reveal fluid, so the measurement today is considered to be about where it was last Friday.  

Another HUGE PRAISE is that the blood flow from the umbilical cord is GOOD.  This alone is reason enough to send me home...or to the hospital to deliver her.  And the best news is that her heart rate sounded "gorgeous."  I am so proud of how well she follows directions...

And on another note, my home confinement does a body good because thanks to my OWN bed, my sweet self is feeling more like myself! :)  We all know that a happy Sarah makes for a happy house, so life is good.

I am SO relieved that we have made it another few days with Sweet Baby still on the inside.  We pray for much more of the same results as we've had over the past week...and that she has a few more weeks to GROW, GROW, GROW.

Then be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating.

Isaiah 65:18

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