Monday, January 2, 2012


The good news is I got two new bracelets today.  The bad news is that they aren't Cartier, rather plastic admin wrist bands which were handed to me when I was admitted to the hospital.  I am officially on bed rest until our sweet baby is born.  Needless to say, this afternoon hasn't been an easy one. 

When my husband and I went to the sonogram today, I didn't expect to hear that the amniotic fluid level had dropped, let alone to the 4.5 level that it is now.  In my heart, I believed that it was simply a case of an over-active 8 month preggers mommy with a toddler at home.  Unfortunately, something bigger, something uglier is the culprit and has yet to show itself.  In our baby's case, this only increases the risk of her already high risk state.  It's a day by day process now and the goal is to keep me preggers as long as possible until the 37 week mark.  Our February 14th c-section date is now long gone.  37 is the magic number, despite it leaving me confined to a hospital bed. If the risk of her being in my belly becomes greater than the risk of her being delivered early (however unimaginable that may seem), then she will be delivered.  She's being closely monitored twice daily with non stress tests which monitor her heart rate and twice weekly sonos.  She's passed her now 3 non stress tests today and hopefully I can be taken off IV hydration soon.  

I'll be updating much more frequently now.  Hopefully with good news but if it's not, don't forget that God's plan is a perfect one.  He is in control and He is good.  I trust you, God.  I do.

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  1. Sarah!! I'm about to say the BEST prayer for you!! So honored to pray for your girl as I go to sleep tonight. You hang in there, you're doing wonderfully!!! Can't wait to check in on you later..... You keep trusting. : )