Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I survived my first night being held captive on hospital bedrest.  Possibly being lost in the jungle would sound more appealing than being trapped in a hospital bed.  Although I do get to spice things up and sit on the couch every once in awhile which is an added bonus.

Bright and early this morning, I had a visit from Dr. Weiss (maternal fetal medicine specialist.)  I also had another sono to check on baby's fluid.  A huge praise is that the fluid had gone up to an 8.5 from 4.5 yesterday although I am still on IV hydration for awhile.  Since the baby is a "responder," I'm trying my best not to complain but go right ahead to assume what an INCONVENIENCE it is.  ahem.

Next on deck was a visit from my day nurse and a quick 30 minute listen to the baby's heart rate.  She sounds great.  My next test will be late afternoon.  These are important tests because they are the eyes and ears which judge how happy she is in there.  If she is under any stress at all, her heart rate will tell us and then action can be taken.  Because her fluid is still so low, it's not the most ideal situation for her in there but it's CERTAINLY better than be delivered now.

When Dr. Oliver (OB) came, he talked about my duration here being a day by day process with our punctuation days being Monday and Thursday when I have scheduled sonos.  Those will be the decision days provided baby continues to do well by passing her NST (non stress tests) twice daily.  If she shows any sign of distress during those tests, obviously I will have another sonogram to determine what is going on and asses the risk/make a decision on how to proceed.  It's still unknown what is causing the low fluid - most likely it's either her heart or placenta and if either get bad enough, she will make her debut.  However, right now she is going to sit tight in there and GROW.  We need her bigger, stronger and able to have surgery once she's born.

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and support.  

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