Monday, February 13, 2012


We decided to come home tonight and try to get a good night of sleep so that we can be ready for a potentially very long day tomorrow.  Not long after getting home I heard Sarah's phone go off but since we have been setting various alarms on there for reminders that sound exactly like her ring tone I just figured it was a reminder for something.  Then the phone stops, and mine immediately starts ringing.  I recognized the number in an instant, it was the hospital.  I answered quickly and expected to hear Kelly, Charlotte's nurse tonight, on the line to tell us some urgent news.  It wasn't Kelly on the line, it was Dr. Mendeloff.  I nearly fell over, and I think he could tell. 

After saying his name I think the first words out of his mouth were "don't worry, nothing is wrong."  My heart settled back into my chest and he went on to tell us that he wanted to move Charlotte's surgery up from tomorrow afternoon to tomorrow morning.  He was previously scheduled to do another surgery tomorrow morning but it was moved to Wednesday and since Charlotte had done so well the past two days he wanted to go ahead and get her taken care of early in the day.  He will start with her at 8am tomorrow morning so we are headed back very early tomorrow to spend time with her prior to surgery.  

The surgery to remove the cannulas that are connecting her to the ECMO machine and have supported her life for the past few days will not take long to remove but her battle to support her own life will be long.  It will not be an easy day for her and there is no question that she will have ups and downs throughout the day.  We pray that she has the strength to support her own life and for her to take a small step towards coming home.  

Tomorrow, Valentines Day, please take a moment to pray for Charlotte.  Please pray for her heart, for her strength, and for her will to fight and take advantage of this second chance at life.  

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  1. You will be covered as with a warm blanket with love and prayers on Valentine's Day.
    Love, Aunt Meredith