Thursday, February 23, 2012


We have a lot to be THANKFUL for today by way of ANSWERED PRAYERS:

1. Her RA line was SUCCESSFULLY removed and the bleeding was not excessive (if hardly existent) so not requiring re-opening her chest.  

2. Instead of futzing around with her usually non-cooperative veins, she will have a broviac line established which is a BLESSING.  First, she will be sedated via medicine through pre-existing PICC line - hallelujah.   Then the line will be surgically placed by Dr. Herman via a bedside procedure.  Our specific prayer is for Dr. Herman to get her vein to cooperate for a successful "installation" as I am referring to it.

3.  Once the broviac line is placed, her second RA line will be able to come out. Great news because it has been in since surgery and again, just needs to be OUT.  (Please pray that when it is removed in the next day or so, it too will be successful just as the first removal so to avoid having to re-open her chest.) 

4. Her vent weaning is going GREAT.  Enough so that post broviac, she will be extubated, as in, it will be REMOVED people!  Having the broviac surgery will delay extubation a bit - possibly a day or so - since she will be sedated obviously. We pray that when she is extubated, she will rock and roll in the breathing department to avoid having to go back on the ventilator which can be more common than not.

5. Her brain oxygen content is measured by a sensor that has lived smack dab on her forehead.  It has never been terribly accurate and will now be REMOVED.  HELLO HAIR BANDS AND CUTE HATS.

6.  Although a good run at a second try with Mommy's milk, her little self does not tolerate it, so back on formula until the situation RESOLVES most likely in about 6 weeks.  Mommy will keep stocking the deep freeze until then as she will resume breast milk.  YAY.

7. Dr. M also took out her "jumper cables" (again, a Mommy term), commonly referred to in the medical field as pacemaker wires which she has had since surgery.  Too, later today some abdominal stitches are being removed.  

Whew!  A lot has happened and it's not even lunch.  I am SO THANKFUL for these BLESSINGS we have received.  THANKS BE TO OUR GOD.  


  1. So thankful for all of the positive updates!! Sending LOTS of love and hugs!! xoxoxo

  2. another great post, another day made! prayers and love continue to you all! go Char Char go!!!

  3. Such a great and positive morning. She is such a rock star!!! Love to you all!! Xoxo

  4. Awesome, thanks for all of the updates! Love all of the Mommy terms...words I can relate to. :) Praise God for all of His awesome work in miss Charlotte. Continuing to pray for your sweet girl. Looking forward to cute hats and bows! :)

  5. Now these are the kind of posts I love reading!! Go Charlotte, Go!! We're all praying for you, sweet girl!! xo