Sunday, February 12, 2012


Charlotte had a good night last night.  Lactates are low and there was no measurable increase in bleeding in her brain.  They were not able to get the flow down significantly on ECMO but were able to come down just a bit.  Dr. Fanning was pleased and is going to try to take it down a little more today.  Yesterday it was at 200 and they tried to get it down to 170.  They ended up settling on about 185.  Today Dr. Fanning wants to try to get somewhere between 120 and 150.

The plan for today is to watch very carefully as they gradually go down on the flow to see what happens.  There is a constant eye on her blood pressure, RA pressure, and heart rate to see how she is handling things and then every four to six hours they check blood/gas to see where we stand.  Hopefully things will go well.

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  1. happy things are moving in the right direction. we'll continue to pray that her body responds well to the decreased flow. still praying constantly. love you guys.