Friday, February 3, 2012


Ding Ding Ding..... In a unanimous decision, Charlotte has won round 1.  This fight will have many rounds but you can't get to round 2 without winning round 1, and for that we are thankful.  After a long day, everything seems to be going well.  There was some initial concern over a bit of fluid in her lungs but things seem to have calmed down and Charlotte is resting peacefully in the Cardiac NICU.  While there are still many hurdles between now and her first surgery some time next week, the focus appears to have moved to getting her as strong and healthy as possible to prepare for the Norwood procedure.  We probably wont know until Monday what day her surgery will be but we will continue to update on her progress each day.  Today has proved that with the miraculous power of modern medicine and PRAYER, nothing is impossible!.  We sincerely appreciate all of the prayers that have been said to this point and ask that you continue to pray for Charlotte's growing strength and the doctor's continued wisdom. 


  1. That picture says a thousand words. Crying tears of JOY. She's been a fighter from day 1. Hope to come by for a quick hug today...

  2. Congratulations, momma! So happy for you! Praying for both of you! LOVE the name Charlotte :) Briggs arrived today, 2/4 @ 2:08am!