Monday, February 13, 2012


Today's main goal is weaning Miss Charlotte from ecmo, or as I call it "the blood machine."  Her body has had a good day and night of rest and we're hoping that her kidneys only continue to function well as she is slowly weaned.  The goal to be off ecmo is tomorrow afternoon.  Our PRAYERS are for a smooth transition as well as for the obvious: that Sweet Charlotte's body got the rest that it needed while on ecmo.  

Her swelling has reduced a lot overnight.  A huge praise!!  She is still swollen in her face and neck but it has started to lessen around her eyes and nose at least.  Makes Mommy happy for her.  Granted, she's on a lot of happy medicine, so she shouldn't feel anything but nonetheless.  It's like what brushed hair and a clean face on your toddler will do for a mother, right? 

She's currently getting her head ultrasound to check on the bleeding.  Again, we PRAY that it hasn't gotten worse.  We are waiting for the 72 hour infection results.  PRAY for another negative result.  She will have a vascular ultrasound on her abdomen due to something found on a previous one.  It may be a cluster of blood vessels or just one that had been poked and is angry, but it needs to be looked at.  We PRAY that it doesn't need attention, regardless of what it is!  

We've enjoyed the past 24 hours of 'quiet.'  Charlotte is doing what she is supposed to and this not only makes me proud of her but also relaxed.  We continue to pray for God's healing touch and for the doctors' wisdom as they care for our precious one today on her 10 day birthday as well as for the days to come.


  1. another good night...yea for Charlotte! an important day ahead and we will continue to pray that her body is ready to handle things on her own and that all the test results show good news! i'm glad you guys have been able to relax a little bit. i'm sure your body needed rest as well. love and prayers!

  2. so happy for a peaceful 24 hours. praying that today and tomorrow show the same good news. happy 10 day birthday Charlotte! we love you lots!

  3. Good news!! It was so nice to meet you on Saturday! I am glad that I got to put a face with a name. We have been lifting sweet Charlotte up in prayer and know that she will continue to do great things.

    My contact info is Our caringbridge site is

    Please take me up on my offer if you need anything!!