Wednesday, February 22, 2012


UPDATE:  C needs to have a new IV line established since her "RA line" is defunct and will be removed later today.  If you'll remember, little miss has tricky veins, as most newborns her size do, but perhaps even more so.  A very skilled nurse has already tried twice, and although stuck the vessels with the first pricks, both were deemed unsuccessful due to Char's blood vessels being "blanched," or "blown."  C is resting now and another attempt may happen later today, if not tomorrow.  No one here is in the business of sticking babies like pin cushions.  It's important to have this IV line should Charlotte ever need to receive blood, as her other "line," a PICC line, is not large enough for blood products.  Another point worth noting for prayers is, as a precaution, the OR team is on stand by when the RA line is removed, as it leads directly to her heart.  If the bleeding can't be stopped, it would need to be done so surgically.  This requires re-opening her chest and stitching the hole where the line was.  This isn't typical however, on rare occasions, is required so we ask for special prayers for a smooth removal and at establishing a new IV line.  THANK YOU.

Dr. Mendeloff told me to be prepared for boring over the next few days.  PRAISE GOD!  I can handle boring! :)  Char Char is doing great.  Her renal function is STABLE, being slow to 'wake up' as I call it.  She is tolerating her milk feedings, so he increased the amount she is receiving which is GREAT.  Her blood gases show that the blood flow to her lungs and body is WELL BALANCED.  This is the most important of all because it means that Charlotte's body likes the last heart surgery and is healing as expected.  Of course, we keep hearing that Charlotte likes to operate according to her own agenda but as my husband told Dr. M, "she's just like her Mother!"  Now, is that such a bad thing?  I think not!

As Charlotte wakes up more throughout the day, her ventilator will continue to be decreased in air flow as part of the slow WEANING process.  This morning, her respiratory therapist exercised her lungs by manually giving breaths with a bag vs being on the vent.  This helps inflate the top areas of her lungs which are collapsed but is expected thanks to the nature of being on a ventilator.  It's up to Charlotte to dictate the pace at which she is weaned.  I hope that for her sake, it is a seamless process and she is "free" soon.  

Seeing our sweet baby's BEAUTIFUL BLUES makes my heart sing!  She is such a little muffin and is starting to look more and more like herself as she loses the excess fluid.  Although, there's still a generous amount of body wall edema (swelling in her chest area), and a fair amount on her face, neck and limbs.  Again, it's up to her body to dictate the pace which really means when her kidneys fully wake up, she will lose the fluid.

I am so THANKFUL to God for His blessings of HEALING for Charlotte.  As we trust in HIM, we know love, we know peace and we know our greatest gift: Little Charlotte.


  1. yeah Charlotte! we are all so proud of you and the progress you've made. Boring has never been so exciting:) love you guys.

  2. Such wonderful news. Charlotte is such a fighter! I think being compared to Sarah is a beautiful thing. Many prayers continue for all of you!