Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We started with a very early morning today.  We went to see Charlotte around 530 and were able to both hold her for a few minutes this morning.  The Anesthesiologist came in a little before 7 to talk to us about how he would be handling Charlotte.  He did a great job of explaining everything and we really feel good about Charlotte being in his care.  We were then able to walk with them as they wheeled her down to the third floor to the OR and got to spend a few extra minutes in the hall with her.

The nurse came out around 10 to give us a progress update.  They put her to sleep as soon as she got into the OR and then got her hooked up to a heart/lung bypass machine and lowered her body temperature significantly to help during the operation.  The doctor was just finishing some final stitching to get all of the heart/lung machine lines secured and then he will start working on the heart.  He is going to start with the aorta and then move on from there.  The nurse said she would be back out in about 1.5 hours with another update but that since she is now fully on the heart/lung bypass machine that everything should be fine for the next few hours.  


  1. constant prayers being lifted up today for Charlotte, you guys, the doctors and nurses. i pray that God is just using their hands to do his work. i love you all, i know you have friends and family there with you and all of my thoughts are with you.

  2. Praise God! Keeping the prayers coming, sending you lots of love and strength right now.