Friday, February 24, 2012


As I was driving to the hospital today, I caught myself thinking about the future, when Charlotte comes home.  I thought about what life will be like when she's older.  I'm not sure at what age she was when I pictured it, but she was past the surgeries and we had assumed a 'normal' life.  My blond little Charlotte wearing a side ponytail and dress running around with Patrick Jr.  In my heart, I know that one day, we'll have that and I'll remember the challenges which we overcame together - both Charlotte's personal journey and ours we tackled as a family of four.  And although some of these days are days I would never dream of repeating - or even remembering - they are meaningful because they grounded our faith and brought so many together in support of my Sweet Charlotte.  

I'm not sure if she'll ever know what an impact she has already made in the world.  Although small, her footprints certainly leave a BIG impression.  Some may think a person's faith is tested in times like these but ours is only more firmly rooted as we focus on the TRUTH and let GOD lead us through the darkness to where there is light.  And light, my friends, is where we will be.


Charlotte is being weaned from the ventilator.  We pray that it goes smoothly and she is able to breathe on her own.  She has an internal sensor on her diaphragm which triggers a breath when Charlotte "says" she wants one.  Go figure!  This is different from the 'auto' or 'manual' modes of the vent, and we are hoping that this helps keep her in sync with the machine.

Her second RA line will be removed.  We pray that it is removed without complication.

We are THANKFUL for a successful broviac surgery last night and the general surgeon who performed it.  And although it was not without a surprise - in true Charlotte fashion she wowed us with her unique anatomy in that it's unlike that of a typical one.  The line was properly placed but had to be modified due to her vein being "squiggly." It should work for the remainder of her recovery in the hospital, but it's not as "long-term" as it should be.  We pray that it does its job for Charlotte so we don't have to come up with Plan B.  

And for our SWEET CHARLOTTE to rest comfortably and that those who care for her, do so with compassion and tenderness.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued prayers.  We are forever grateful.


  1. you are just three weeks (happy bday char char!)charlotte has already changed so many lives, for the better. but she's going to have to share some of that credit with her mommy and daddy. the example you have set with your faith has been remarkable, to say the least. it has been absolutely inspiring to hear your words and see the smiles on your faces in the pictures. God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose the two of you to be mother and father to one of his most precious angels. as always, the love and prayers continue.

  2. Go Charlotte!!! What wonderful progress ... Also, you and Patrick are an inspiration to us all. Rich and I are thinking of you.