Thursday, February 9, 2012


Miss Charlotte has given Mommy the best birthday present yet: surviving!  As Patrick wrote, she is certainly not out of the woods, but she is holding her own.  I marvel at her strength, as do most of her caretakers, given her small size and the incredible obstacles she faces.  

She is swollen around her eyes, face and neck but we expect it to until tomorrow when it usually peaks post surgery.  Our biggest gift of all today is that she has opened her eyes a lot!!!  She's not dialed in but she certainly understands that Mommy is near.  This, along with body movement that she has, is important too.  Don't worry, she's heavily medicated for pain.

Dr. M told us that stability - not progress - is our goal for today.  Charlotte is riding the waves within the "it's expected due to surgery" range.  These are still very serious "somethings" but she is hanging in there.  I wish that I could simply put just how amazing her little body is.  She is only 7 days old and has already had a major heart surgery.  Those things shouldn't be in the same sentence, yet they are.  

I remember seeing a picture of a surgeon performing a surgery with Jesus standing behind him.  His hand was resting on the surgeon's shoulder.  I know that Jesus led Dr. Mendeloff during Charlotte's surgery and I know that He has never left her side since.  Just take a look at what she can accomplish thanks to Him.  He is the Great Healer.


  1. That 3rd picture is unreal to grasp. Sweet girl!!!!

  2. it is so wonderful to continue to get such positive updates. i can't even think of the words to describe how inspirational you guys have been and continue to be. it is obvious that Jesus is not only standing at Charlotts side, but also at yours. stay strong and positive, if charlotte is half as strong as her mommy and daddy have been (and we all know she is) she will defy the odds every step of the way. thank you again for the updates and for those touching pictures of sweet charlotte. love to you all!