Sunday, February 19, 2012


For the most part, Charlotte is still resting comfortably.  We've had to really stay on top of managing her pain, as she is being weaned from her wonder drug for pain.  Please pray that she is kept COMFORTABLE.  Overnight, it was determined that her body isn't tolerating breast milk which is common for girls with Turner's Syndrome due to Mommy's milk being fattier than formula.  The good news is that although she is now on formula for the next 6 weeks, the situation will resolve on its own and then we will resume breast milk.  Daddy bought her a deep freeze to house her milk for Valentine's Day, so until then we will continue to stock it! 

Charlotte's heart is occasionally throwing a premature beat, which is a common something to happen in healthy babies due to immaturity in their electrical systems.  She will be observed and most often this is all that needs to happen, but please call this to mind in your prayers.

Her swelling is decreasing although it's a slow-going process, as was expected.  The bottom line is that her chest needs to be closed.  It's been open for awhile due to her complicated course and we are all focused on closing to avoid higher risk of infection, etc.  Please pray that her swelling continues to decrease and her chest is closed without major complication.  Her kidneys are working, but are still in the same spot as yesterday: not great, not poor...just even Stephen.  Slowly but surely they are getting up to speed....I just hope sooner than later.

All in all, Sweet Charlotte is doing well.  We'd like to tweak a few things obviously, but are happy overall.  Tomorrow's surgery will most likely happen late morning/early afternoon, and we'll post as soon as we know, as your prayers are so important to us.  Thank you for keeping her in your hearts.  It warms ours knowing that so many of you love her.  I wish that I could convey in words just how incredible and extra-ordinary her journey has been.  For lack of a more poetic way to say it, she's quite a fighter...and of course, our Wonder Baby.  

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  1. i realize there's still a long way to go, but it is so great that she continues to move in the right direction. prayers and love continue. your family is absolutely amazing!