Saturday, February 11, 2012


We just listened in on rounds this morning and met with Dr. Mendeloff.  As Patrick said, overall her night was 'stable,' but much like yesterday, we are taking it hour by hour.  She's certainly not out of the woods by any means, but she is improving in a few areas.  

A PRAISE is that her heart is ejecting a bit which is a good sign of decent heart function.  We pray that this continues.  Many children on ecmo don't show signs of this for a day or two, so our Charlotte is inching ahead.  Another PRAISE is that her head ultrasound shows that the bleeding has increased slightly but is still considered STABLE.  PRAISE JESUS.  It's not likely to decrease due to it taking some time to do, but we want it to stay STABLE.  Now that her kidneys are getting enough blood flow, she is starting to produce urine, although slightly.  Still a huge PRAISE, and we pray that it increases.  The important take away is that it looks better.

Right now, we are checking for infection.  Although the bacterial cultures have been negative so far, we will see if this continues over the next 24 hours.   PRAY FOR NO INFECTION.  It will be harder for her to come off ecmo if she has any.  The thought is that Charlotte's critical mass point happened a bit later than in the first 24 hours post surgery.  This is the point when Charlotte is the sickest post surgery.  Hopefully this is what yesterday was and although medicine couldn't reconcile it, ecmo hopefully can give her body time to heal and GET BETTER. 

Hopefully by later today or tonight, the perfusionist can start pulling off some fluids to help with her swelling.  My poor baby.  There's really nothing that can prepare a mother to see her baby double in size due to swelling, especially to her sweet face and neck.  Dr. M says that provided she is stable through Monday, we will then plan to wean her from ecmo which will take 12-24 hours to do., we are watching the bleeding in her brain, the infection to declare if it's going to get worse or better and watch her kidney/urine output.  I can't stress enough how serious her situation is.  It's absolutely amazing to see the small village it takes of medical staff, medicine and machinery that it is taking to keep my Sweet Charlotte baby alive.  

I never thought in a million years that we would be going through something like this but I have to remember that God's plan is a perfect one and trust in Him.  We pray that God who is mighty continues to show us what He is capable of and that He breathe life into her little body. We ask that He who is in control over each detail of the life of Charlotte, hold and heal my precious one.  We pray that His peace passes understanding over Patrick and me and that we remember He will never forsake us. 

Here is a pic of CHARLOTTE ROSE on her baptism day pre-surgery...


  1. charlotte rose...beautiful. a lot of things to be thankful for this morning. as we pray for her continued healing, we remember to sings Gods praises for how far he has brought sweet Charlotte. we will continue to pray for the specific things you've asked for and that He continues to give strengh and understanding to mommy and daddy.

  2. Still praying for your family...beautiful Charlotte Rose, Sarah, Patrick, little Patrick, and the grandmas. May you all feel surrounded by God's presence, peace, comfort, strength, energy. Also praying for God's guidance for the delicate decision making of the medical team.
    Love, Aunt Meredith

  3. Oh Sarah! Please know that you have so many people praying for Sweet Charlotte Rose and her amazing family. You have such admirable strength. I'm sure Charlotte can feel the tremendous love and support that surrounds her. We all love you so much!

    'Be not afraid. I come before you always. Come follow me, and I will give you rest.'

  4. She is so beautiful! Love you Charlotte Rose!