Saturday, February 18, 2012


Naming Miss Charlotte Rose proved to be much more difficult than one would expect from this name-obsessed mama!  No doubt made more complicated when we found out that we were having a Charlotte and not a Charlie, considering our name list only included BOY names.  Fortunately for all involved, we settled on Charlotte just about 2 weeks before she made her debut.  Rose was another story.  On day 4 post birth and as the birth certificate office was closing, we finally decided.  Patrick and I had 4 middle names to choose from and it may have been as hard, or harder, to decide on than her first name!    Besides adoring the name, Charlotte is actually a family name on my side.  It is my grandmother Theo's sister's name.  Rose is after my grandmother Rosetta and Patrick's grandmother Felicia Rose.  And to us, CHARLOTTE ROSE is the most perfect name for our sweet girl.

Dr. M is pleased overall with her progress.  Our main goal is for her kidneys to work more efficiently as they are the key player in draining excess fluid from her body.  This is IMPERATIVE for a successful chest closure on Monday as well as maintaining stability.  Please pray specifically that her kidneys continue to heal.  

Also on my heart is my sweet "Baby Patrick."  Truly not a baby anymore, but certainly he will always be.  I pray that he knows just how much his Mommy adores him...and how much my heart aches to be with him every day.  I know this is only temporary although it's especially trying given I was on bed rest for so long and it's so hard not having Mommy in her usual capacity.


  1. it is a perfectly sweet name for a perfectly sweet baby. continuing to think of you guys and pray for you all. we'll focus on kidney function in our upcoming prayers. love you to all.

  2. Boys love their moms unconditionally. You are the strongest and best mom I know...xoxo

  3. Love, love Charlotte Rose - what a beautiful, perfect and meaningful name!! We love our baby Patrick too - he knows his mama loves him so much there's no doubt!! Xoxo